May 23, 2008

53x11coffee Team rider Wade Patton

Wade has been ramping up this season with continued progress in the right direction (fast forward). We are looking forward to his next race report as he is on his way to the podium. Keep up the great work Wade.

May 1, 2008

Sam Schultz Short track win Sea Otter classic

Well it's been almost two weekends since we were at the Sea otter Classic in Monterey CA. It was the first time 53x11 coffee attended and sampled coffee there. Everyone was stoked to see us. We also were able to watch a couple friends of ours do their thing during the mens Pro MTB races. The Schultz brothers ( Sam and Andy) are at the top of their game these days. Having watched these two come up through the ranks over the years has been very exciting. 

Sam and Andy have both just come off of a full winter training schedule at (The Cycling House) in Tucson AZ. I believe the training has paid off. 

Sam stopped by the booth before his start of the mens short track and was fueled up with our Big Ring coffee. It seemed to do the trick as he rode away from his break away companion on the last lap and was able to take his first pro short track win.

Andy Schultz also pulled off a podium spot in 5th place. It was very cool to see these two brothers a top the podium at the 2008 Sea Otter classic. Hats off guys.