February 26, 2011

My First Non-Race of the Year

Today was to mark the start of my 2011 season. The Frostbite Timetrial in Everett, Washington, about 40 miles north of home (Issaquah). I rode the "retro division" last year on my 10 speed equipped Merlin, and was quite excited to ride my single speed this year in the "retro" division. It is a 9 mile flat out and back course.
Unfortunately we have had some extreme and cold weather the last few weeks. Not like the mid-atlantic and east coast but still rather trying-cold with snow showers. Today was no exception. The race was delayed 2 hours but that did nothing to stop the snow and cold and wind. We left Issaquah with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately I drove through a Burger King Drive Thru with my "race bike" on the roof rack, driving into an overhead sign. I have driven into 3 overhangs in 31 years of riding, and have pretty much come away damage free. Today included. I hit the saddle on the sign but no damage was incurred, though the sound of impact did indicate otherwise. A quick look at the bike and truck and roof rack revealed no damage. We continued on and soon encountered blowing snow.
I then realized that although I had brought two pairs of shoes (including a pair of thermal boots), two bikes, a trainer and tons of clothing (I was wearing two Underarmour tops, 2 team skinsuits, a winter Sugoi bib tight, a team jacket, and a down jacket, I forgot a thermal hat to wear under the helmet). I was expecting a very cold 24 minute race.
Though the shoulder of the course was covered with snow, and the snow showed no signs of stopping, I signed in. More to show my manliness than anything else. My gut told me the race was going to be canceled but I had no intention of waiting. I drove us home and discovered that home was cold but dry. After cleaning the bike and taking off all my layers and riding my trainer I went on-line and received several emails re the cancellation of the race.
It should be reset for August, renamed the Sunburn TT. I do have the Icebreaker TT next week. Lets hope this one does go off.....
Stay warm and safe!

February 10, 2011

Best Thing About the Defeet Wooleators-hightops?

I can wear them as dress socks when I ride to work. Like today:)

February 8, 2011


My first real road ride of the year consisted of 30 miles of grime grime grime on a single speed. But so fun fun fun!

February 4, 2011


Our dryer is going on the fritz, Starbucks just raised the price of my drink, cat food went up (we have 5 cats), our Homeowner dues just increased ($418.08 a month, the highest in the area), my salary was frozen this year due to a county wide budget crisis, and we are still on one income. Things are a bit tight.


I just renewed my USCF license and I feel a bit renewed myself.

I played little league baseball for 6 years and I remember the anticipation of being selected after try outs. the call would come at night and I would get up from bed to be told which time I was on. I get thame excitement every time I "re-up" my racing license.

Hopefully this feeling will last the year, or until finances settle down some:)