December 27, 2010

First Bike

I got to witness a first-a 2 year old girl getting her first bike this Christmas. My girlfriend's granddaughter will be two in just a few weeks. We went to their house on Saturday morning and I got to watch as this beautiful young child got to handle, sit and play with what will definitely be the first of many many rides. It is a pink trike with a nice little basket and one comfy (though plastic) looking saddle. Much more seat room than my Arione:)
She was a natural and love it from the start. When asked what I thought her specialty would be, I said-Road, Track, Cross and Mountain. I can picture it now.........

December 22, 2010


It's a Wonderful Life, the original version, is one of my all time favorite movies. I am a softie and it affects me every time I watch it. I am going through some trying times right now, real challenges that test my sense of self worth. But, like the main character, I do know I have led and still lead a good life that has had positive impacts on many people. I also know many people love and support me.
I also have a secret weapon. My bicycle. Regardless of weather, gearing, or mental state, I can always mount one of my four bikes and take a light spin or heavy/hard ride down the road or up a local mountain. Love, friends and bicycles do in deed make this a wonderful life.
Happy Holidays to all-

Knoxville Tour de Lights 2010

Last night our family joined in with ~ 200 other cycle nuts to ride in the annual Tour de Lights Christmas parade put on by the Knoxville Bike program office . Our 53x11 jackets were a big hit, and as you can see on Joe's arm, the reflective strips are quite visible and bright. We rode a 5-6 mile route through a couple of inter-city neighborhoods w/a full scale police escort to stop traffic at the intersections. It was a great way to start the celebration of our Christmas holiday, and not coincidently our 19th wedding anniversary. Yea, I'm lucky too that I have a spouse who is a really good sport and participates in our cycle adventures. The weather last night was pretty temperate by Montana standards, but cold and damp enough that we appreciated the pre and post ride hot chocolate and a dry pair of wool socks. Here is wishing y'all a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday to all those traveling to visit friends and family.