February 28, 2010

Just Call Me "Mr. Retro"

Today was the first race of my 2010 road season. It was a 9 mile timetrial in Everett, WA, a flat out and back course that was just gorgeous. We have had very mild weather out here and spring arrived a week or so ago with many many blossoms. The birds are out in force as well. Just too beautiful and so early in the year. If this is global warming I am all for it! Kidding (s0rt of).
I was entered in the retro division, meaning I could only use a road bike with no aero equipment.
I was tempted to ride my single speed Specialized Cross bike but I opted for my Merlin Ultralite (what a misnomer as it weighs around 20 lbs with Campy Record 10). I started 24th out of about 300 or so, so went very early. It was a gorgeous day with cool temps and partly cloudy conditions with a head wind for the first half. My trainer was set up along a bike path along a river and there were many trainers set up on the path. We all had a great view of the Cascades and a river (wish I knew its name.) I did see an old acquaintence from the Deschutes River TT weekend held every April in Maupin, OR (I do plan on racing that for the 5th straight year).
I also made friends with my "neighbor" who rode a raode bike with aero bars so he did not qualify for "retro."
It felt so good reacquainting myself with riders and seeing the same local teams. Like us they have kept the same colors. I do feel as I am part of one incredible and very nice group of riders. I do feel I showed our team colors with honor. I started just in front of two Starbucks riders (30
sec was a man and 60 sec was a woman). I was the only retro in a field on aerop riders.
I started in too big a gear and so lost time at the start. My 30 sec rider passed me just before the turnaround and my 90msec rider passed me with a mile to go. I almost caught a rider at the line who started about 2 mins ahead of me.
Overall I was quite happy as I had wanted to do this tt for some time now. I was entered last year but was ill so had to pass. I did think this year's even was actually last week and I was ill (thanks to an epic hike at Leadbetter State Park near Ling Beach, WA) over Valentines, so I was so happy to be able to ride this year. No idea of where I placed or the actual time I clocked (I would say close to 24:30).
I do have another tt next weekend and I think I will ride the single speed just for fun:)
Stay safe and keep the rubber side down.
Ty (aka Saddledancer)

February 6, 2010

Why Ride Right Now?

Sometimes I take myself too seriously.... Today was one of them. Then I realized something mid-ride today. How can I be outside riding my bike in early February, 23 degrees with 15 mph wind, and an hour from home and be thinking this is the rational thing to do on a day like today.
Q: Why am I doing this? A: I do this because I enjoy it.

I enjoy the suffering
I enjoy the speed
I enjoy the races
I enjoy the adventure
I enjoy the bikes
I enjoy the gear
I enjoy the lifestyle
I enjoy the commute
I enjoy the friends
I enjoy the dirt and mud
I enjoy the outdoors
I enjoy the fitness
I enjoy the hills
I enjoy the trainer (sometimes)
I enjoy the strange looks I get at the car dealership when I drop the car off, wearing lycra and leaving the garage on a bicycle.

Mostly a cross country mountain biker at heart. Certainly not a hucker. And yes, even a roadie, although I may not shave my legs, occasionally sport baggies, sometimes don a camelbak instead of multiple water bottles, wear goggles in the extreme cold, and numerous other things counter-roadie culture.

Here's to another snowy, winter ride everyone. Cheers!


February 3, 2010

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