December 4, 2011

60000th Mile

I am a road cyclist, first and last. I have been riding since the end of 1980 when I was a senior in High School..
But I also am, or used to be, a long distance runner. I ran high mileage for 23 years, completing 52 marathons (including 6 Bostons) and 2 ultras. I have not run seriously since 2004, but every year I try and run some, especially during the winter months. During my "serious running" days I would celebrate every 5000th mile mark with a good (aka high quality junk food) meal. I finally hit my official, logged 60000th running mile a few weeks ago.
It has been a very difficult last 12 months, a lot of it due to my own actions, but I am so happy I was able to finish off the year with this milestone.
And the 5 Guys cheeseburger with jalapenos hit the spot!
I hope my teammates are all well.
Happy Holidays!

October 3, 2011

Physiological Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs on Health, Stress, and Athletic Performance

It is done. I have completed my book on adaptogens. Adaptogens are plants like Eluthero root, Ginseng, Rhodiola, and Schisandra. These plants have been shown to have nutrients that assist the body in recovery and times of stress. My book explains how and why they work.

I am offering Physiological Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs on Health, Stress, and Athletic Performance to all 53X11 members and blog readers at a 15% discount if they purchase direct from the publisher. You can purchase the book here and use the code XE27K2LN to get the 15% discount.
"Stress is real. We all experience it, and it can't be avoided. Adaptogens are unique phytonutrients that support the body in times of stress. This book explores modern and traditional usage of several of the most popular adaptogens as they apply to health, stress, and athletic performance." Wayne Pedranti

"Change is stress. Stress is change. Change is also metabolism and energy revealed. Change is what causes our need to adapt and it is the adaptogens from nature, from plants, that can improve our ability to adapt. To adapt well means we are adapting to change and stress without significant damage." Cory Holly

If you prefer, this book is also available to order from Amazon as well as regular book stores.Sorry no discount there.

September 8, 2011

No Mas

The last Pacific of the year was held on August 30th. I had to do it if I wanted to qualify for the goodie give-away afterwards (killer cupcakes too). It was a 40 minute affair held on the flat course. I have been struggling mentally for the last 4 weeks (won't go into details but it is the toughest challenge I have faced, and it is all my fault), and my training really has been nil. I have ridden almost every day, but only easy stuff.
As the 4/5s rolled out, Rory, the director and a friend, looked at me and said "and I wanna see you out front." Our start was so pedestrian I took him up on the challenge and got to the front of the pack on the back stretch and then attacked. I never attack there. One guy joined me but said he was covering attacks for a teammate and couldn't work with me. We had a nice laugh and rode a steady tempo waiting to get caught. Well another guy went off the front and my companion joined him. I was caught between those two and the pack so went all out to catch the break. We were caught just before the start/finish and I attacked again even though I was way in over my head and my legs and lungs were screaming.. I knew I could not keep it but was way off the front as I passed Rory. I pointed to him and yelled "This is for you!" I was soon caught as the pack was flying as the 2nd lap was a prime lap.
My friend Tom helped me catch the back of the pack, but as we turned onto the home stretch I got caught behind a much slower rider and lost contact with the group. I was so shot from my two attacks I could not join them and this was only on the 2nd lap! I had never dropped that fast before. I resigned myself to riding the rest in tt/solo mode. After 3 or 4 laps I got caught by the Masters and rode the last 2 laps with them. It turned out there were 3 other riders from the 4/5s with me. The only negative was a female on the Cucina Fresca team who was riding at the back. She yelled at me a couple of times to make holes for her and to get out of her way and let her race. Funny thing was I was not in front of her and was not impeding her in any way. We both were at the back of the group. The other 4/5s just looked at me like she was crazy and shook their heads. Oh well...
I ended up getting a 1/2 season pass for 2012 for volunteering at a recent triathlon managed by Rory and his wife. I also got 2 new tubes, a lot of GU, and a nice pair of Axley sunglasses. Not bad for only doing 10 races.
I CANNOT wait for 2012.
All the best to my teammates:)

August 25, 2011

Pics from Pacific

I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what the racing is like out at Pacific Raceways in Kent, since I report on these almost every week. All pics were taken by Kirsten Reed, who's husband rides for Starbucks Coffee. Even though he rides for a competitor, it is all one big happy family in the cycling and coffee realms:) Kirsten's photos can be found on smugmug (

Sorry for the poor quaility...

August 18, 2011


Last night I tried something new-a spin class. My girlfriend and I discovered a tiny little studio ("Pons Studio" or tucked into a small strip mall only a mile from home.
I have not been a big fan of spin classes, and tried one several years ago in Washington, D.C. It turned out to be more of an "aerobics in a saddle" class and I got into some arguments with the instructor as I just wanted to ride.
I also enjoy riding outside when at all possible and the idea of being yelled at by some instructor while I spun to loud music on a beautiful day didn't seem all that enjoyable either. I preferred sitting alone in my garage on my trainer, listening to my music and watching movies on mute. I am such an odd duck:)
Anyway, Pons Studio is run by Francisco Pons, who is a racer himself. He also is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach. My girlfriend and I walked by the studio one night when class was in session and I was intrigued by the bikes. They are called Realryder (, and are stationary but also mobile. They move much like a real bike and you can get out of the saddle and sprint or simulate climbing. These came with toe clips or spd pedals (perfect for me as all my cycling shoes are spd). Tension is adjusted by turning a knob on the top tube and the saddle and bars are adjustable.
I received one free class so went last night, which felt odd as it was so beautiful out. I would have preferred to be riding outside but I did get to ride to the studio.
There were four of us, 3 men and Francisco's wife. The bike was very easy to get used to and I was soon having fun. Class started and Francisco cranked up the music and led us through 60 minutes of intervals, tempo, climbing, turning (these bikes lean). I had a real blast and will definitely go again (but on lousy weather days).
Anyway, check out realryder. It is a very cool concept.
All the best!

July 27, 2011


Last night at my 8th Pacific I had snap in my legs, so unlike the previous week. Maybe it was smelling the barbeque before the start. BUDU Racing, the sponsors of the weekly races, always does a bbq near the end of the season. It is always a fun way to celebrate the racing and family atmosphere. Due to the bbq we only raced for 30 mins, about half of normal.
We were to race the flats with points per lap, but due to an accident on the drag strip we had to change the course to the lounger (and more fun) "down the escape ramp." We started on the flats on top, headed west for almost a mile then turned back to the east and down a short steep straight ramp to the bottom of the curving uphill rollers that put is back on the top.
There were about 30 riders in the 4/5 race, and before the start we were asked to go down a few hundred yards on the flat and sweep the course and clear it of all the rocks and debris kicked up earlier by a lawn mower. It felt good to do our part. But 3 of us almost missed the start and rolled up just as the group was leaving.
I felt so strong on the climbs and had no issues staying with the group. As we started the second lap I was at the back with a friend and asked if he wanted to attack with me. So I led us up the side and gave it 110% . But eventually I looked back and saw the pack strung out. They wouldn't let us go.
A crash occurred about halfway into the race on the small cimb but I was able to get around it and chase back.
But oh what a fun race! And the hot dogs and coke were delicious!

July 25, 2011


Today marks my two year anniversary of being a single speed rider. It was two years ago that I purchased a 54cm Specialized Tricross single speed cross bike off ebay. The seller was the parent of a very good junior rider in Kansas City and I bought the bike for a steal. My low bid was the only one. Both myself and the seller were surprised I got the bike for such a low price, especially considering that the bike was signed on the top tube by Tim Johnson.
I quickly discovered that 44x17 was the perfect gearing for me. I live in a hilly area and this gearing gets me up many of the climbs, and I can crank on the flats.
In the two years I have logged 2921.5 miles on her and she has become my mainstay training bike and tt bike.
I cannot sing the praises of single speed riding enough and encourage everyone to get one.