April 26, 2011


Just a postscript to the carbon Cervelo Soloist I was selling for a friend. It was finally sold last night to a young woman who is an indurance coach, 10 time Hawaiian Ironman finisher, and a visitor to the Cycling House.
Pretty cool.
Pretty small world...

April 23, 2011

I'm Offically "unofficial"

Today was the Green Valley 12 mile TT put on Budu Racing, the folks who put on the Pacific series (Rory and Deanna Mueller). It is a spectacular flat and curvy course held in luscious farmland and horse ranches along the Green River. The weather finally turned for the specatcular as it was clear (not a cloud to be seen-a first in MONTHS), sunny and mild for the race. My trainer warm up was done next to a llama farm and in view of the setting half moon that was visible until 9:30, 38 mins before my start. I had to bundle up as it was a bit chilly, but by my start it felt almost like summer and I stripped down to just the basics. One incident that occurred was a driver in a large truck that not only did not slow down in our staging area (vehicles and trainers lined end to end along Green Vally Road), but he actually sped up and gunned his engine, narrowly missing several people and riders. Rednecks are named that for a reason, but I was not going to let this incident take away from my enjoyment as I truly was lost in the moment (racing, friends, beautiful weather-enough to make me forget my financial issues).

I was once again riding my single speed, and was yet again the only single racing. I opted for the Masters 35+ cat rather than the Mens 4. I have a rep now as a single speed timetrialist, and it is a rep I quite enjoy.

I always take an emergency kit on my single speed tts (a baggie filled with tire irons, a sparetube and a wrench for my rear wheel). I also take a small pump. These all fit nicely in a jersey pocket.

The start was "one foot down"(we were not held). We started at 30 second intervals and I was near the back of my category, and near the end for the whole race. I waited for the count down, took off, clipped in, and was soon in my groove and in my element. I was riding in the nice narrow bike lane rather than the main road, trying to be a considerate rider. But that was a mistake as there was not much traffic and a lot of debris in the lane. I flatted 2 miles in and soon heard the hiss of my front wheel. I did not panic but soon had the replacement tube in. Unfortunately I had forgotten a pump! I threw in the towel and walked back, getting nice condolences from spectators and other racers. One thing that was quite disappointing was that there were also many many recreational riders out, riding on the same road as it was a gorgeous day with gorgeous scenery. Only one of the dozen or so asked if I needed assistance, and he did not have pump. A farmer asked if I wanted to use his air compressor but I politely declined. I just could not believe that no social rider stopped to ask or help. I saw many a pump go by without even a glance my way.

I got back, talked to Dean (my friend and the race mechanic), as well as Rory (my friend and race organizer). I said I was going to fix the flat and then race the course on my own. They said they trusted me and that my time would count.

I loaded up my truck, fixed my flat, took a pump and then did the race again on my own. All officials were gone. I found the start line, put my foot on the ground, started my watch and took off. I felt as strong as before. Soon I was passed the spot of my prior flat. I got to the turnaround (marked by an "x" in the road and was headed back. I did have to slow twice due to two farm machinery (small combines). It was frustrating as I had to wait to pass behind several vehicles. I knew where the finish was (road sign and line in the road) and I sprinted hard. My watch time was 31:20. I gave it to Rory and was soon driving home, pleased that I beat 2 guys in the 35+. However, during a late afternoon easy ride to keep my legs loose, Rory called to say the officials would not count my time. I called him back and said it was not a big deal. I knew what I rode. My time is accurate and would have been very close to the official time without a flat.

I am so happy I finished it. I can't afford to pay for races now and not finish:)

April 22, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Last Tuesday night as I was"racing" on my 52x13, Campy 9 speed equipped Dutch steel steed, my girflfriend was in a heated discussion with a neighbor. When my gf told the neighbor that I worked as a court clerk, the woman said "I thought he was a professional bike racer."
If only:)
Happy Easter to everyone.

April 20, 2011


In the middle of last night's race out at Pacific, while the pack flew down the back stretch (dragstrip section of the flat course), a rider came up to me and said "53x11 huh? That is the perfect gear now!" I hardly heard him for the noise of the pack, wind and my breathing. Little did he know my biggest gear on my old steel steed was a 52x13, and I was spun out and barely holding on. I could also blame my weak lungs on my girlfriend, who bought 160 lbs of cat litter (we have 5 cats) which is quite dusty:) We did get caught by the 1/2/3s with 3 laps to go and slowed down so much I felt like were in a pro peloton "protest stage":)
I love that bike but it is not geared for racing flat out like that. We raced in very cool/cold partly cloudy conditions for 37 minutes. It was my 3rd race out there this year and again had a ball-no attacks but I did play in the pack some and caught up with more friends.

April 18, 2011


The young woman did not buy the "near showroom" bike and her boyfriend ended up jamming the carbon seatpost when he forcibly lowered it for her. I was able to get the seatpost released at a local shop and it is just fine now.

If anyone knows anyone interested in a 48cm "near showroom" 2006 cervelo Soloist with DA and extras here is a pic....

We are asking $2200

April 14, 2011


I am trying to sell a friend's 48 cm 2006 Carbon Cervelo Soloist w/Dura Ace components. It is a very beautiful bike with low miles, never crashed or ridden wet or very hard. She bought it brand new and is the only owner. The components, paint and decals are near perfect ("near showroom condition). But it is not new. A young woman came to see it with her boyfriend last night. They spent about an hour looking it over. They both were obvious newbies to riding. He has one bike, an aluminum Cervelo, and she has something else, also aluminum. They are budding triathletes. He meticulously checked the bike out, using a flashlight to examine every inch for damage and cracks. He kept talking about "showroom" condition." My friend is asking $2200 but will take $2000. I have searched Craigslist for Washington and Oregon and found two others, same size and comparably priced. They came with $1900 but he kept saying how maybe they ought to sleep on it. I could see he was calling the shots and trying to be "the man." It was a tad embarrassing but I let my friend do all the talking as it is her bike. The young woman is a grad student and does not have a lot of money, and this bike would be a HUGE upgrade. If they want pristine, spotless, showroom condition she will have to wait a few years until she can afford $5000-$10000. Just makes me wonder.

April 13, 2011


I watched Paris Roubaix last Sunday and was so impressed, as always, by the riders' determination and focus. Especially riders like Boonen and Chavenal, who despite multiple crashes remounted and tried and tried and tried. I know professional riders are human and have issues like a lot of us-financial worries, mental issues (as in Pantani), drug and alcohol problems, relationship concerns-just life stuff. They must be able to put those all aside in a race to be able to pound out 160 miles at high speeds over dusty and slippery and plain ol nasty cobbles. The last 7 months for me have been particularly challenging-finances especially. It is hard for me to get through a day without being bombarded by "downer" thoughts. My training rides and rides to work are often times to go over these concerns. But I can't afford to lose focus in a race. Otherwise I would be off the back in no time. Last night was my 2nd race of the year at Pacific. It was about a 2.5 mile course down the escape route and then up some rollers. A challenging but fun course. When I am trained and in shape. This year my training has not gone as expected though I have ridden almost every day. We raced for 43 minutes with 2 primes. There were about 30 riders in the 4/5s. I was able to ride with the group for the first 3 laps til the first prime at the top of the rollers. Then I got dropped with some others. All I thought about was bridging, catching a wheel. I put it all out there and was able to bridge. The rest of the race was fun as I focused only on the ride-holding my line, picking a good safe line down the escape, then hammering up the rollers. I was so lost in the race that I did not think once about my life issues. Until after the race. But that is okay.

April 8, 2011

I'm Golden

I work for a government entity, and every year we have to requalify for health benefits. There are 3 levels-bronze, silver and gold (the best of course). Everyone starts at bronze. You then have to complete a health assessment, about a 30 question questionnaire, to qualify for silver. There are no wrong or right answers-just completing the questionnaire qualifies one for silver. Everybody has 3 months to complete it, and it takes like 10 minutes to do. Honesty is not a factor:) Then, you have 3 different programs you can participate in to qualify for gold. You must complete the program by mid April. There is an eating program, smoking cessation, and exercise. I ALWAYS go with the exercise program. I had to complete 10 weeks in the span of 3 months to get gold. I qualified for gold 2 weeks ago but was just notified. I work with 8 others who are not athletic in any real sense. One or two go to the gym now and then and one runs every blue moon. But I am the athlete in our work group. I am irked that I have to requalify every year for gold, but at least I know it is a "no brainer." Side note-a buddy is overseas riding the cobbles and watching the Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix. I am a bit jealous but grateful he got to go.

April 4, 2011

Start 'Em Young

Last Saturday evening my gf and I had friends over for dinner. They have a almost 2 year old daughter. In the middle of the visit she asked for water. I was going to go get it for her when my friends asked if I had any bike bottles in the kitchen. I actually have a shelve full of water bottles-many of them unused. Many are from races (my favorite being The Elkhorn Classic from 2007). I also have TDF commemorative bottles and some unused 53x11 bottles. I just had to break one of the team bottles out for her. She kept it all night and downed countless ounces of water. I know I got one new convert to the team:) Even at the cost of a diaper or two:):) Ty

No April Fool's Joke

Last Friday I received the best April Fool's joke of my life, courtesy of my girlfriend. One that made my heart stop for just a second. Then, a few hours later I received an email which I thought at first was another April Fool's. The Carnation TT set for Sunday April 3 was cancelled due to flooding! It turned out to be quite serious. We have had countless and endless days of rain, about 49 for the year and something like 12 straight. The roads for the course were quite flooded. I was so psyched to do it too as I was going to once again race my single speed on the 14 mile course. I must admit I am getting tired of all the wet but it doesn't look like it is ending anytime soon. I just hope my upcoming races are not cancelled due to flooding. Here's hoping! All the best to my teammates! Ty