September 27, 2009


The Pacific Northwest has been blessed with incredible Fall weather this week, and today was by far the best. It is hard for me to rate weather a 10, but today qualified-clear sunny skies with little wind and temps in the 50s and 60s.
My season may be over but my riding sure isn't.
I did a very nice 20 mile ride this morning with some good effort thrown in, then jumped on my single speed to ride around town doing errands. I grabbed breakfast at Starbucks and ate at the Salmon Hatchery, located 1/2 mile from my house. The salmon started running a few weeks ago and we have Salmon Days next weekend, a 2 day celebration of the salmon. It is always a humbling experience to go and watch these fish make their way up the Issaquah Creek to the holding pools. They come from the Pacific Ocean via Lake Washington, then Lake Sammamish and up the Issaquah Creek.
Thanks to my girlfriend having to work all day I got in a 3rd ride, a 2 hour 40 mile jaunt arounf Mercer Island with some good effort. Almost a PR for the island. I have not had a triple day in a long time and I just can't get enough. I HAVE to be outside in this weather even though the World Champs were on Universal Sports.
Anyway, a nearly vertical 1/2 moon, incredibly blue sky, running salmon, great views of Mt. Rainier and Baker, the Cascades and Olympics and then all the Paragliders at nearby Tiger Mtn made for one very memorable day.
My legs are tired but my spirit is refreshed.
Hope all is well with my teammates.
Ty (aka Saddledancer)

September 11, 2009

Season Ends In Grand Fizzle Fashion

I had high hopes for the end of my road season, what with the Blackberry Crit in Bremerton last Sunday and the Mt. Baker Hillclimb this Sunday.
we were hit with a very bad weather system last week and it POURED. I don't race in the really wet stuff so slept in and enjoyed the cooler temps. I looked at the results and saw that only 8 riders finished (13 started) the Masters race.
A good friend is getting married tomorrow and I would have to get up very early Sunday to make it to the Mt. Baker race as it is about 3 hours away. I have always made a nice weekend out of that event. Plus who knows what libations I will consume manana? I was able to transfer my entry today into the 2010 race.
So overall not the way I wanted to end my season but friends only get married every now and then. And I am still riding, even commuting to work today. A gorgeous early morning 20 mile ride into Seattle-1/2 moon, rising sun, clear skies, cool temps, and awesome views of Mt. Rainier, Seattle and the Olympics. I even saw several swimmers in Lake Washington.
The ride home was very cool too, so to speak. It was quite warm (low 90's). I saw one deer and rode a bit with a very strong rider. I am enjoying my Giant TCX Cross bike more and more, especially after I swapped the FSA compact crank out for a Campy Chorus carbon standard with a climbing cassette.
I am so looking forward to a full and fun 2010 season and wish everyone a great rest of 2009. Keep the rubber side down.
Ty (aka Saddledancer)

September 7, 2009

LiveStrong Challenge

Hi all,
I recently went through what some of you have experienced, and the rest dread: the loss of a parent. My father just lost his battle with cancer about two weeks ago, and it's rocking my world. One of my friends told me that it's one of those "life changing events you'll never forget" and I can't disagree. Cancer is such a brutal disease, and we all need to find ways of defeating it. I'm riding in the 2009 LiveStrong Challenge in Austin on Oct. 25th, and will be flying the colors of 53x11 Coffee for the 90 mile benefit ride. Can you help me reach my goal for donations to the cause?
The LIVESTRONG Challenge is the Lance Armstrong Foundation's signature fundraising event inspired by the hope, courage and determination that exist in all of us. We take to the streets on bikes and on our feet, uniting individuals to stand together to fight cancer.

Through the dollars and awareness that we raise, we will inspire and empower individuals, and we will make life better for the more than 12 million Americans living with cancer. We look forward to having you unite with us as a partner in our fight.
Join the Fight. Take the Challenge.

Mark Linton

September 1, 2009


Last year I competed on a relay team from work for the 2008 Seafair Triathlon in Seattle. The bike course was around 12 miles and almost completely flat. I clocked the 2nd fastest time for all relay riders and about 20th overall. Our team beat another team from work and we took 2nd in the "mixed over 105 years" division. Unfortunately I could not find any official photos of me. Must have been too fast for the photographers:)
Some friends competed in this year's edition, and I was just told today that I appeared on a coupon for Tutta Bella, a local Italian restaurant chain that came in everyone's packet. I am shown running to the start of the cycling course in my 53x11 skinsuit. It is very cool though I have not received any payments or rolyalties for use of my image:) I have contacted the company to see if I can get a proof or one of the coupons. I would like it for my collection.
Anyway, our team has unintentionally received a lot of attention. Pretty cool.
Out for now.
Ty (aka Saddledancer)