September 15, 2010


My girlfriend turned 50 today and is feeling a bit blue. She is a vibrant, fun beautiful woman, full of life and vigor and enthusiasm. I know she will bounce back but she is struggling some.

A friend turned 39 last Friday, and he and I went to dinner and then a movie. He was feeling a bit down, thinking he had reached the end of an era. This despite being a successful businessman, world traveler, a strong and enthusiastic rider, and having many friends. I told him that age is a mental state. So act mental!

Another friend turns 89 next month (her birthday is one day before mine), and she is so active and young at heart. She has lived a full live, is well traveled and has a loving family. I have not seen her in 6 years but we chat a lot by phone. I talked to her last Sunday and she told me I am still quite young and have so much life to live. I agree.

I turn 48 next month and feel just as young as ever. My riding and racing are more passionate than ever as well. I do feel young at heart and I know riding helps keep me young and sane. One is never too young or old to start riding. My saddle is a fountain of youth and I will never leave it.

Remember-it isn't the age of the engine but the fire in the tank that counts. And I have a lot of fire.

Happy Birthday to all:)


September 10, 2010


I have been competing in bike races and runs for 30 plus years now, and am so appreciative of all the volunteers who have put in countelss hours to put the various events on. I have done some volunteering myself over the years, and have assisted with bike races, 5ks, a 1/2 Ironman tri in Idaho (great weekend), a kids duathlon in Maryland (awesome time) and a local sprint tri for the last 4 years. This year's event was 2 weeks ago and I was assigned the task of monitoring part of the bike leg, setting up cones and keeping them in place if knocked down. I put several miles on my single speed riding up and down my mile section. Before my duties began I got to spend 15 mins of quality solo time down at the lake shore. Such still water. I sat on a log and had the small beach to myself as I watched ducks and geese.
After my cone duty I was assigned traffic control at a busy intersection, and was pleasantly surprised by several geese flying very low overhead.
I got such a kick out of watching these athletes of all abilities, and cheered each one on with sincere enthusiasm. seeing their waves and smiles really made my day. Being on "this" side always helps me when I compete myself.
I call on all my team mates to volunteer at least once in 2011. You will get so much out of it:)

September 3, 2010

It all starts with nutrition

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