December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope all is well and everyone is healthy and happy. Take the day to kick back, relax, and enjoy the friends and family around you. Happy Holidays, Evan

December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday season and a very good 2010.
Keep the rubber side down!
Ty (aka saddledancer)

December 11, 2009

The Big Ring

Let's change subjects, get off the Tiger Woods tire fire and talk about The Big Ring. I just brewed up a cup prior to my trainer ride this morning. It is a balmy 6 degrees outside. Probably seems like a beautiful morning to our Montana contingent, but to those of us with soft underbellies, it is hellaciously cold. So the trainer it is. As with any ride worth doing, first, I ground up some freshly delivered Big Ring beans and threw them into the coffee maker. My house began to smell great, replacing the aroma of my 18 year old blind and deaf Italian Greyhound, Sophie, who has a smell, no let me say stench, all her own, but I digress. Needless to say the change in essence was appreciated. Well, back to The Big Ring coffee. It is smooth, might I say too smooth. I may be tempted to drink several pots. That is some fine bean. Any of you who haven't tried it or have just run across this blog, you gotta get some of this.

My Christmas shopping is done. Everyone is getting the Big Ring.

December 6, 2009

Snow today, and off Topic

Well it is the off season, and 'parently was the season to be off. Put on a few really unneeded pounds. I can't drop any of it by riding inside so I usually spend some time with heavier slower moving things, (man there's a punchline there, and if a certain someone reads this, its going to be me a 'gettin a punchin.) Most of us don't race this time of year so other than the love of cycling and shared fitness obsessions, we are probably very different. But I'm hoping we also have much of the same christian values. I have a few friends that don't believe in God, that does bug me a bit but they are really decent, having good morals and lifestyles. This is about pro sports, 53x11coffee is in that category and as money changes hands I think about this Tiger Woods thing, I don't know what it is like at that level of play, but I do know I'm where all that money comes from. I liked Tiger, I joined his website. Now I feel like He's a bum. He hangs in clubs with the intention of picking someone up, even picked up a waitress with whom he was attended too while with His wife, that in my book is very wrong. If 53x11coffee had an association with Nike I would be very sad, as I won't wear any Nike until they part company with this sleazeball. And Mr Woods if you read this and you still have your father in your prayers, ask Him for forgiveness not us, because I don't have to. I'm not Hip or Cool, don't make millions in pro sports and I don't like to hang with sleazeballs. Thanks everyone for reading. PS, there is such a thing as a sleazeball, spell check fixed my spelling.