November 30, 2008

Lance in the Tour of Flanders?!

So as I relaxed in my wonderfully comfortable wooden dining room chair, I was doing "homework" for another online class I'm taking and yes I was drinking 53 x 11 coffee out of my 53 x 11 coffee mug, I wandered over to cyclingnews and found this Lance Armstrong Wind Tunnel. No, it wasn't the Livestrong skin suit that excited, although it was rather fast looking, I was interested in his post wind tunnel interview. Specifically, I focused on one statement he said…"I'm going to ride the Tour of Flanders", (insert screeching tires sound here.) What did he just say? Are you kidding me? Is he trying to be funny?

Of course I'm no pro, but I've ridden the Tour of Flanders, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Fleche Wallone and the best advice I can give to Lance…stay away, there's a reason you didn't race them before you retired. They're body breaking rides and turn the smartest strongest riders into thumb-sucking momma's boys. I know, I was one of them. Oh, I forgot to mention the freezing rain and 25mph crosswinds. But, I'm not even to my point yet.

I live 30 minutes from the Kappelmuur in Geraardsbergen that is typically 17kms from the finish. I guarantee I'll be on the Kappelmuur the night before, right after I finish the public ride of the Flanders route, for the prime seating opportunities with my rack of Duvel and Leffe and two or three baguettes, a block of Chimay cheese a roll of sweet sausage, and some spray-on EPO repellant.

The Tour of Flanders is unlike any fan friendly classics race in the world. It is a true spectacle that every cycling fan must experience once in their life. I have it marked on my calendar for eternity. It's like a soccer match, car race, beer fest, and bike race all rolled into one. You want to come over, I've got a place for you to stay, and I always have hot 53 x 11 ready.

Onto other headlines, I'm preparing to purchase my first Cross frame later today from the wonderland that is Ebay. I've been energized by going to three local cross races and the beer and food strewn atmosphere. I may even use a 29er frame for cyclocross, unless I get jeered by all the Belgians' wanting to kill me for scarring their sacred sport. I'll stick with the cross bike, obviously you've never seen an angry mob of Jupiler soaked Belgians flailing towards an American who is clearly there to ruin their cycling heritage.

Two friends and I slogged through the mud laden Ardennes forest for an epic adventure through the Houffalize area. We managed to conquer 40+ kms with 30 minute climbs followed by 8 minute descents over and over again. The climbs were ridiculous, if it had not been for the the hours I suffered on the road bike I may not have managed a few of the rutted muddy climbs. It was a great time and surely a ride I'll want to do again as one rocky hiker clogged climb kept me in check and forced me to hike my bike, BOO!!!!!

All is happy and the world is sane except for the Merckx ride I didn't win on eBay.

I did manage to make it to Koksijde to see sage four of the cyclocross worlds. What an event it was, I don't recall who won all I remember is the amount of Belgian beer Idrank and my complete failure to make it to the next days ride. Why can't cyclocross races be more civilized, why isn't there a beer monitor for those of us that can't keep it under control? Why isn't coffee served at CX races? Why can't I win a CX race?

November 25, 2008

Bring It OrcaPhin

Well Tour De Tucson was awesome we had lots of Sported 53x11 Kits flaring our Team Colors and lots of people expressing there love for the coffee, ride was great except for the short bit of cyclo cross river crossing that was more like a dust bowel!! well done event all 67 + miles, cant wait to role on the next one, Evan props to you and all your support prepping for the ride lets get more people encouraged to ride vs Drive when possible.

Willride out

Happy Turkey day

What a weekend in Tucson

First of all I will apologize right now to you all for being a lousy writer and speller... with that being said I thought I would share the ride of this weekend in Tucson "Le Tour De Tucson" my brother Ill and ridding Buddie Jerry all wen to the desert for the 67 miler on Saturday, there were over 8500 in total participants that followed us to the finish line (right) all kidding aside we did alright for ourselves in that it was fun and we didn't end up under homebody's fender like ten others did, the interesting part of this ride which I wasn't prepared for was the dirt trail that we had to walk for about an 1/8Th of a mile on (not fun) during the ride, we finished in 4hours (unofficial) as reported by their website, my Garmin said (auto pause 3 hours and 46 minutes) the weather couldn't have been better to us with no wind and the temp was about 75 all day long and the ride was completely down hill, really what else could you ask for?

I have been ridding for about two years now and just bought my first expensive toy to my wife's dismay but to me total enjoyment, now I am trying to make time everyday to get my fix. if any of you live in O.C. and have a ride or two we can join you on let me know we would live to join you and try to keep up with you all,.

tahtah for now.


November 19, 2008