December 31, 2008

Garmin 705 with PowerTap 2.4+ software?

Hi all,

I've upgraded my wheels to some Reynolds MV32C's with the PowerTap 2.4+ hubs. Instead of having both the PowerTap computer and the Garmin 705 (I like the GPS feature...) I just want to use the 705.

However, I've not found software that can do both the power info from the PowerTap hubs *and* the GPS data from the 705. Is anyone else running this sort of setup and has found some 3rd party software that can take advantage of both? Thanks!


December 17, 2008


Thank you for the welcome and smooth transition to Team 53X11 Coffee. Evan and Owen are doing a great job! I look forward to racing with/for you all. I am also excited to be able to contribute to the Team 53 X 11 Coffee blog. What a great way to share results, experiences, and knowledge. I currently have my own blog where I provide race reports and other cycling/life related topics which is accessible through GamJams is an everything cycling site that started out with a focus on bike racing in the mid-Atlantic region. However, they are now attempting to spread across the country so if you would like to be a GamJams ambassador and share your blog with the rest of the cycling blogosphere then consider doing it through GamJams. BTW, 53 X 11 Coffee has just reached a sponsorship agreement with GamJams (it was just announced today) so you would be keeping it within the "family" so to speak. I better get back to training ;-) Allez, Mike

December 8, 2008

Click In

Its that sound you hear when you step in and mount that saddle, the feeling you have in your beating chest when drafting on the rear wheel, or climbing that 9% grade and flying down the descent.

It's the click that makes me tick, the feeling of doing something all on our own.
I write to all you fellow cyclist and challenge you this in 2009.

Some of you might have heard a saying "pay it forward"?It s that saying to give something to someone that they might not have been able to do for themselves. Lets start our own for Team 53x11 "Peddle it forward", find someone just one person or kid, neighbor, mother, father, or friend,in the new year to help them find a new way of living "cycling".

Bring them for a spin on one of your rides, share with them the fun and enjoyment with all the true benefits we all get from this wonderful sport, get em off the couch or out of the Car, show them how much fun it is to cycle. My brother & Friend once did the same thing for me and from there I have had the fever, I get excited to click in and peddle, I have really started to enjoy all the added benefits from it, those lbs have melted off, my energy is strong, I sleep better and I am more focused all a result of someone saying give it a try you might like it, so I did, I clicked in.

So if you do Peddle it forward and I hope you do, please share this blog with them so that they two can peddle it forward with someone ells, happy holidays and ride safe.

Willride Out

December 2, 2008

Saddle Therapy

So here I sit. In a condo (more like a townhouse in a condo complex) in Issaquah, WA that I purchased in May. A vote to increase homeowner dues by 7% was entered 3 weeks ago, the same day I received my lay off notice. I have some money in the bank, and I am cashing in my County retirement to help, and my live in girlfriend has some money, but things aren't all that great. My mother also died on December 23, 2003, and that has been on my mind. I have been more than close to tears these last few days, and have been an internal emotional wreck even when my exterior was a nice calm. But get me in the saddle, whether on the road or on a trainer in my garage, and all that disappears in a blink of an eye (or turn of the crank). I rediscover what I was made for and what life is for-to push myself to the limit, and beyond To go where I never thought possible. My existence comes down to so many seconds spent turning the pedals. One of my favorite novel series deals with Haven Pharmeceuticals, and explains what I feel every time I clip in. No matter what is going outside, I am all I was meant to be and more than I ever thought possible when I am in the drops, or on the hoods and making perfect circles.
God bless the bike and God bless you all,
Ty (aka saddledancer)