August 29, 2008

Racing in Alaska

This year seemed to be a slow progression of one cold rainy day leading to another only slightly warmer rainy day. The fish and the bears don't mind the weather, but it can tend to wear on bikes and riders. Focus for the 08 season fell in the final month with the four day Tour of Anchorage. Second overall in the Master's class followed firsts in the Prologue, Criterium, and final Road stage. Made up seven seconds out of an 18 second deficit in the final stage, and that win is dedicated to Charles Clifford O’Reilly, Jr. (Sept ’27 – Aug 14, ’08). Big thank you to Evan for all the support this year.

Ride Ready.

August 24, 2008

Season Coming to a Close

Well I finally got this Blogging thing down. I think:)
My season is winding down as I don't ride track, mountain or Cross. I have one more Tuesday night race this week, the Blackberry Crit in Bremerton, WA next Sunday and then the Mt. Baker hillclimb in two weeks. Overall I have been pleased with 2008. I did not do any real road races or the Elkhorn Classic Stage race in June (due to a stupid training accident), but my Tuesday night races have gone very well. I also did a good job in April at the Deschutes River TT festival in Maupin, OR, and was pleased with my effort last week in hot and windy conditions for the Crystal Mtn hillclimb. I think I represented the squad with honor and dignity and always put a positive spin on things. I cannot wait for 2009. I will write more later.
All the best to my teammatres. Keep the rubber side down.