July 27, 2011


Last night at my 8th Pacific I had snap in my legs, so unlike the previous week. Maybe it was smelling the barbeque before the start. BUDU Racing, the sponsors of the weekly races, always does a bbq near the end of the season. It is always a fun way to celebrate the racing and family atmosphere. Due to the bbq we only raced for 30 mins, about half of normal.
We were to race the flats with points per lap, but due to an accident on the drag strip we had to change the course to the lounger (and more fun) "down the escape ramp." We started on the flats on top, headed west for almost a mile then turned back to the east and down a short steep straight ramp to the bottom of the curving uphill rollers that put is back on the top.
There were about 30 riders in the 4/5 race, and before the start we were asked to go down a few hundred yards on the flat and sweep the course and clear it of all the rocks and debris kicked up earlier by a lawn mower. It felt good to do our part. But 3 of us almost missed the start and rolled up just as the group was leaving.
I felt so strong on the climbs and had no issues staying with the group. As we started the second lap I was at the back with a friend and asked if he wanted to attack with me. So I led us up the side and gave it 110% . But eventually I looked back and saw the pack strung out. They wouldn't let us go.
A crash occurred about halfway into the race on the small cimb but I was able to get around it and chase back.
But oh what a fun race! And the hot dogs and coke were delicious!

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