July 25, 2011


Today marks my two year anniversary of being a single speed rider. It was two years ago that I purchased a 54cm Specialized Tricross single speed cross bike off ebay. The seller was the parent of a very good junior rider in Kansas City and I bought the bike for a steal. My low bid was the only one. Both myself and the seller were surprised I got the bike for such a low price, especially considering that the bike was signed on the top tube by Tim Johnson.
I quickly discovered that 44x17 was the perfect gearing for me. I live in a hilly area and this gearing gets me up many of the climbs, and I can crank on the flats.
In the two years I have logged 2921.5 miles on her and she has become my mainstay training bike and tt bike.
I cannot sing the praises of single speed riding enough and encourage everyone to get one.

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Gotta Ride Today said...

Yea, at 44x17 you're a stud. I run mine at 48x22 here in the mtns of East TN. Sure I spin out going downhill, but I try to get aero and coast as far as I can. Glad you are haveing a good season.